Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Looking good Mr. Biber

Hello Everyone,

Well, the lovely guys from Diamond Build have finished up the work on Aaron's shop, so we went down to visit him on the weekend. Monday to Saturday, Aaron is ready to cut hair from 6am, and we found him giving Bruce, a long-time customer a very tidy trim. Aaron's a happy chappy, despite a bit of a chesty cough, and we settled down for a cup of coffee and a good old chinwag in the refurbished shop. 

The place is looking really great. It's certainly still Aaron's long-standing barber shop, but it has had a deep clean, a great lick of paint, new lights, new lino on the floor. He's got a new Gentlemen's Hairdressing sign out front (we tried to save the old one, but rot and the dreaded asbestos reared its ugly head...) and a snazzy roller shutter to keep him secure, plus new gates on the archway to take you around the back. And out the back of the salon space it's also clean, fresh, tiled and ready for Aaron to use as storage, or even have dance parties to the strains of Max Bygraves... There's new water plumbing for all those friends old and new dropping in for teas and coffees, and we're keeping the biscuit tin topped up with Rich Teas.

One of Aaron's barber chairs broke during the refurbishment, so we're on the hunt for a lovely vintage replacement, and we'll be putting back other vintage barber's kit that Aaron lost during the riots - like his cotton wool and singeing stick holders. And we're getting a new set of visitor chairs, because there've been so many bums in the shop in recent times that most of them seem to have bust! We hope for lots of people coming in for cuts in the future - one of our team can report her 2nd fringe trim from Aaron was very fine indeed.

Stay tuned for the final touches to this heartwarming story, and thanks for all your support as ever. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you Everyone, 
The Team


  1. Thank you Björn, Sophie and Omid for seeing the need that Mr Biber was in, realising that something could be done and taking the initiative to follow through with helping him. I think in times of unrest and when humanity shows its ugly side, people almost ache to find examples of people being kind, helpful and selfless to reconfirm our faith in people. You all showed that and those of us that assisted Mr Biber were part of the much larger 'mob', the mob that believes in cooperation, helping the weak and building each other up. All the best to Mr Biber, I'm so glad his shop is back on its feet and he can keep doing what he loves so much, helping people and cutting hair. Cheers.

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