Saturday, 13 August 2011

The KeepAaronCutting fund is now closed.

Dear supporters,

Aaron has more than enough to get himself back up and running and has been completely overwhelmed by your response. After fixing up his barbershop, we will be working with the council, Aaron and his nephew Eddie, to distribute the rest of the fund to make sure it goes to help the other businesses and residents around Aaron's shop. There's lots to do. We will be recording the progress we make on his shop and the other people that benefit from your money. Keep checking back with us on this blog for these updates.

This project has proved that social media can be a powerful force for good. It's been the most heartening experience to be involved with all of you.

On behalf of Aaron and everyone involved, thank you so much for everything.


  1. Nice one All. Good luck Aaron, all the best to you and the local businesses in need of a bit of love and care.

    Best wishes.

  2. Brilliant. best of luck to Aaron, I might have to pop in for a short back and sides next time I'm in the area!

  3. I wish Mr. Biber and all the businesses in the area all the best. I'm very moved by the response and by the community spirit and really happy that such a large sum has been collected.

  4. You people rock! What a wonderful thing to do.

    Please ask the gentleman if he needs any straight razors, sharpening stones, strops, shaving soaps/creams, shaving brushes, mugs, safety razors etc. I am part of a group of shaving enthusiasts and we would be glad to help. Let me know what he needs and where to send it.
    Randy Tuttle

  5. its a shame that you have closed this - I would have liked to have helped more people - I saw a lady last night on the news whose home had been burned down and she was talking about how it was not the destruction of her furniture that made her cry but the things bought by her mother to treasure and her husband when they first started courting.

    I would have liked to help many others - could you not start another fund - I would do it myself but have not got the contacts to get it going like you guys :)

  6. Well done, you should be proud. Heard about Aaron and was very saddened at what had been done to his shop. Wonderful gesture and thought behind this.

  7. Hi Björn, Sophie and Omid

    I agree with Millicent above ... I wanted to donate but it's closed! Couldn't you reopen it and share it perhaps with other small family businesses affected - let's rebuild independent businesses on our high streets! Mary Queen of Shops would be proud!

  8. Hi Björn, Sophie and Omid:
    I would like to donate, could you reopen the donations?
    You are doing an amazing job, many thanks for your work.
    Kind regards Guillermo

  9. I'm glad I had a chance to donate. I live here in L.A. , but have been to England 22 times. I appreciate the work all have done to complete this worthy task.

  10. His is a touching story and I was glad to help in my small way. You provided me with a means to have a "feel good" event this week.

    I'm wondering if you can post:
    * Total number of donations
    * Average donation
    * Smallest donation
    * Largest donation

    Kudos to you BBH interns for turning the one-time need of a deserving man into a worldwide event. Great material for your CV on top of it all as well.

  11. Lots of calls for a general fund.
    There are currently some springing up.

    A fund is being set up by the Council so people can donate money to help local residents and businesses affected by the riots.

    Name of Fund: Mayor’s Charitable Account – Tottenham Fund
    Cheques – Payable to Mayor’s Charity – Tottenham Fund
    Send to: London Borough of Haringey, PO Box 55235. London. N22 9DF
    Direct to the bank (either in a branch or by e-banking)
    Payee: Mayor’s Charity – Tottenham Fund
    Sort Code: 60-24-23
    Account number: 90724828

    The fund is being managed through the Mayor of Haringey’s charity account so all donations are kept separate from the council’s own finances. Arrangements are being put into place to ensure full accountability of donations made and subsequent payments made.

    There is also one of the most fantastic, long term operations to emerge: Riot Rebuild that you can donate to.

    A lot of brilliant people are connecting on the internet.

  12. Also, at the moment this is a great index of ways to help. Hopefully we can get a similar, brief index on K.A.C.

    Sarah Woolley

  13. Well done to the organisers of this fund. This wouldn't have happened without someone to kick start it and publicise it. All the best to Aaron. His work ethic is a shining example to youth who don't know what to with their abundant energy.

  14. This was an amazing thing to be a part of, I am terribly proud to now know Aaron, Eddie, and to have given a hand to Bjorn, Sophie and Omid!

  15. Fantastic. I'm so happy to see that so much has been done in such a short time.

    Could You please post info whenever Mr Aaron will reopen his barbershop?
    I would be honoured to go there and ask for a haircut.

  16. Please use some of that money to pay for insurance for Aaron for the next few years.

  17. I heard about this blog too late to get involved, but I'm pleased to hear the great news. Well done everyone, and good luck to Aaron :)

  18. Could I ask that we get a breakdown of what is spent on Aarons shop, not to be sceptical but £35,000 could get him a small flat in rural Italy, I wouldn't want the innocent nature of people's charity being exploited. Especially as £35,000 has been raised and Aaron appears to need around £200 to replace what was damaged or broken. I would also like confirmation that Aaron will not be putting in a claim with the insurance pot that the government quite rightly have arranged for people out of pocket due to the destructive nature of the riots.

    Well done Aaron and all the PR people involved in this stunt though. You've pulled a masterstroke.

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  20. Aaron was interviewed on the American Public Media radio program "The Story": There's a link to listen at the bottom of the page.