Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Message from Eddie (Aaron's nephew)

It is now 10 days ago that I accompanied my uncle to his small lock up shop in Tottenham to see the devastating sights of buildings on fire, total vandalism in the streets, as well as seeing my uncles shop window smashed, front door broken open and his shop ransacked. He was in shock that this could happen to him, a small barber shop.

With the help of neighbours we swept up the pavement, cleaned up the shop as best we could, and temporally boarded up the door/lock to make the shop secure that sunday evening.

We then heard about this Keep Aaron Cutting fund three days later, and my uncle then start to received many letter of support in the post.

I can say that these letter of support, as well as the support from the blog which I have told him about, now knowing that the shop will be secured and repaired, have given him the strength and heart to continuing cutting hair for a lot more years to come. He really is at a loss for words of gratitude and has told me he thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart, who has made a donation. With any funds left over he would like to help other victims of the riots in the Tottenham area.

My uncle would also like to say a special thanks to the interns Bjorn, Sophie and Omid for thinking of him and setting up the blog. He is sure they will have a long career ahead of them. They "did good" he told me. We would like to also thank, Mareka, Kimberly and yourself for being so kind to him over the last week. There are also many other I am sure at BBH who have helped or will be helping him in the coming months which my uncle wishes to say a thank you as well.



  1. Hi Eddie, hope you and your Uncle are well! We would love to help with your cause by interviewing Aaron? is it possible to come over on Friday morning and film?

    Love the fact you have raised £35,000 amazing, would really like to tell your story! Please contact me on fiona@happy4pr.com

    bw! Fiona : )

  2. I've literally just come across this blog,and although there is nothing that I can actually do, I just want to say that I am infuriated by the rioting and what's happened, and I pray that things get better quickly. I wish you the best of luck in rebuilding the shop. I hate all of the mindless rioting that is destroying lives, but as a 15 year old young carer with my own life messed up right now, all I can do is wish the best of luck.

  3. Please let Mr. Biber know that we are cheering him on here in Fort Collins, Colorado USA and wish only the best as he returns to his shop.

  4. Love the fact you have raised £35,000 amazing, would really like to tell your story! Please contact me on fiona@happy4pr.com

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